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Forbidden Wedding
Produced and Directed by Flavia Fontes
This is the story of a man who is forbidden to get married by the Catholic Church in Brazil because he is sexually impotent. The documentary explores the relationship between an institution and its people, and the triumph of the human heart.
Living with Chimpanzees: Portrait of a Family
Produced and Directed by Flavia Fontes
This is a story of an unusual nuclear family, Roberta and Phil and the two chimpanzees they have adopted. It shows the joys and challenges of life with our closest primate relatives. It investigates their adaptive abilities when removed from their natural habitat, their amazing mental capabilities, and the bonding love that exists between chimpanzees and humans when they share such intimate space.
My Father the Clown
Directed & Edited by Flavia Fontes
My Father The Clown is a fairy tale about a street performer and his search for love. Jack finds solace in his relationship with his daughter, Amelia, who shares his clown life and street performs with him on the weekends. Recently devorced, Jack uses applause and flirtatious encounters with women to escape loneliness. His relationship with Amelia is threatened when he becomes infatuated with her ballet teacher and his world of fantasy and reality collide.
Who's Afraid of Lynne Stewart?
Produced and Directed by Flavia Fontes
This is the story of the first lawyer in the United States accused of  supporting  international terrorism after
September 11th.
Remembering Paul Cézanne
Produced and Directed by Flavia Fontes
We meet the descendants of the painter Paul Cézanne to understand the legacy left by the painter in his own family. Through memories of his family we have another portrait of the painter Paul Cézanne."
Joseph Braunstein: Memories of a Centenarian
Produced and Directed by Flavia Fontes
Born in Vienna in 1892 at the time of Mahler and Brahms, he studied music with Schoenberg and played the violin under Richard Strauss, Bruno Walter and  other famous conductors of his time.  This documentary will highlight the Jewish experience at the turn of the century, the immigrant life and the unique  perspective of an  engaging and energetic man who lived, worked, and created for more than a century.