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FLAVIA FONTES has been making award-winning documentaries for fifteen years. Currently in post-production is WHO'S AFRAID OF LYNNE STEWART?, which Fontes directed and produced. This is the story of the first Lawyer in the United States accused of supporting international terrorism after September 11th. Can Lynne Stewart prove her innocence?

Fontes directed, produced, and edited FORBIDDEN WEDDING, a documentary about a paraplegic man in Brazil prohibited by the Catholic Church from getting married because he is sexually impotent. FORBIDDEN WEDDING premiered at the 2001 Margaret Mead Film and Video Festival and has been screened in more than twenty film festivals in The United States, Europe and South America. It was also broadcast on   Sundance Channel in May of 2005. FORBIDDEN WEDDING received an award of excellence at the Biennial BRASA Film Festival in Brazil , Honorable Mention at the Philadelphia International Film Festival, and Best Documentary at Projections International Film Festival in Toronto . Fontes received the Someone to Watch Award from CineWomen, 2004.

"Someone to Watch Award"
CineWomen, 2004

For her first documentary, Flavia Fontes produced, directed and edited LIVING WITH CHIMPANZEES: PORTRAIT OF A FAMILY, a documentary about a couple who adopts two chimpanzees and how they function as a family. It has received many accolades, including the Communicator Award for Excellence in Documentary. LIVING WITH CHIMPANZEES has been broadcast on Nippon Television in Japan , on the Discovery channel in Canada , and in over twenty countries throughout the world. Fontes also directed MY FATHER, THE CLOWN, a drama about a street performer who is lost in his fantasies about love .The film received an honorable mention at the Columbus International Film and Video Festival and was screened at the Dance on Film Series at Lincoln Center.

Fontes also serves as editor on other projects. She recently edited a documentary entitled TERROR AT HOME: DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IN AMERICA, directed by Academy Award winning Maryann De Leo for Lifetime Television. She edited FORGETTING APHRODITE a drama about a teenager's vacation in the island of Cyprus . MOTHERS AND DAUGHTERS: Mirrors that Bind. Fontes was associate editor of I TALK TO ANIMALS, a portrait of an animal therapist who can communicate with animals, which has aired on PBS and the BBC. She edited RIGHTS FOR ALL, for Amnesty International and the feature length documentary,
I WILL NEVER BE THE SAME, about a man's battle with prostate cancer and his dilemma with death.

Fontes was the associate-producer of the award-winning, CHICO MENDES: VOICE OF THE AMAZON, aired on TBS and TNT, and went on to win several awards, including the Outstanding Achievement Award (National Educational Association). She teaches film and video editing at the New School University. She has taught a master class at the American University in Paris and Parsons Paris. Fontes was born in Brazil and lives and works in New York City.